Here we go again

Here we go again

Thursday, May 26, 2011

We're home!

After another long day of driving south on Interstate 75, we're finally at our destination; Ft. Myers, Florida!

The park we're staying in, for at least one month, is called Cypress Woods RV Resort. This is the fanciest, schmanciest place I've ever vacationed! It's a "gated" community. You have to have some sort of credit card looking thing you wave in front of some sensor thing to get the gates open so you can drive in. And there's a guard house, just like the Army bases where my son, Jason, lived  when he was in the Army. Well, there's no soldier to salute you in, but still... And the sign that's planted right in front of the first gate says "Welcome Home!" Oh yea...

There are virtually no other people here right now...snow birds went home already. Kinda nice for us, really. There are 2 really nice pools, exercize rooms, a library, tennis courts and shuffleboard courts. There are 2 lakes with big sprinklers in them, and at night, there are lights shining in the sprinklers! Beautiful!

Palm trees are everywhere. And the landscaping is absolutely the prettiest I have seen outside of a National Park. Someone must work on it all day, every day.

After we got all "set up" (that's camper talk), we went to dinner, then came home and went for a walk. It had cooled off and was perfect walking weather. Chico loved it too, especially when we ran in to a couple from Minnesota walking their 2 little white dogs of some sort. We stood and talked baseball for a while; they are Twins fans, and of course, I'm a Cleveland Indians fan. (nanananabooboo!) Nice people though. I don't think we'll run into any tobacco spittin' folks in this park.

Dennis got his fishin' pole out and stood at the lake that sits right at the back of our 5th wheel for a bit. Didn't catch anything, but I could see him relax completely while he was holding that rod and reel! He looked like a retired man ought to look. Content!

Now, that's what I'm talkin' about!

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  1. So happy Dennis is relaxing on a well deserved retirement vacation. You Kaye also deserve this, Love reading your blog..... makes me feel as though I am traveling with you........described very well . Hugs and God be with you both !!!!!!!!!!


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