Here we go again

Here we go again

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Our Second Day

We have finally reached our second days destination! As we were driving through Atlanta, I had my doubts, but by the Grace of God, and Dennis's good driving skills, we made it to Valdosta, Georgia.

As we were getting further and further South, I noticed the greenery getting less and less green. How sad that it is so very dry down here, when home, Ohio, is so saturated that walking through my back yard is like trekking through a swamp. Makes one wonder why? Like many other things, God knows the why, and I'll not question Him.

I already miss my family. No suprise there. I love my kids and grandkids so much, that if I were a rich woman, I'd have a great big castle with many wings in it for all of us to live together. Alas...that is not to be. So, I'll keep in touch the new "fangled" way by cell phone, internet and Skype. I feel like Jane Jetson every time I use Skype!

We had a few frustrating moments when we first set up at the campground this evening. We could NOT get the truck unhooked from the rv. It was beginning to scare me, nothing unusual about that, so I got out my laptop and Googled " how to unhook a truck from a fifth wheel hitch"...and it worked! Soon we were out shopping for a few things we didn't realize we needed; like hose so we could have water in our fancy new home away from home. Oh, and cable so we could hook up the free cable offered at the campgrounds. All the comforts of home. Sit in front of the boob-tube.                                  

My little Chihuahua, Chico, has become quite the traveller in two days. He slept most of the trip, and did what he was supposed to at the stops along the way. Now, if he just doesn't bark and bother the neighbors, we're a-okay!

I have decided it's much easier to pack a suitcase and get on an airplane to go on vacation...but you don't really see as much from the air as you do flying down the highway. Look at all the semi's you wouldn't get to see! So far, that's all we've seen. I told Dennis during the last hour of our trip today that this is it! We are NOT in a hurry any more. SLOW DOWN and enjoy the journey. That should be part of the enjoyment of our trip, not just getting there. We'll see what the next leg of this trip holds. I'll keep you posted!

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