Here we go again

Here we go again

Friday, June 17, 2011

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

What a wonderful time I'm having with my baby sister, Kim, here in sunny Florida!

It seems like we just picked her up at the airport, and yet it's Friday evening already. We have been laughing and talking and laughing, get the picture. Especially if you know us at all! Poor Dennis. I'm sure his ears must be tired from just listening to us. I have to give him props for being so gracious about this, because I know we can be overwhelming at times. I grew up in a big, noisy, happy family, and, well, he didn't. And yet, he is handling all of this so well, I think he deserves a medal for his patience.

Last night we had a really big storm here, and I did not like it one bit. I have never been afraid of storms, actually, just the opposite. I love listening to the thunder and the rain pelting the windows and the roof, especially at night. However, that was always in the safety of my house, not in an RV. Quite a different environment during a storm. The winds were whipping, the hail was pounding, the rain was a torrent, and I was very scared. That was new to me! This 5th wheel was literally swaying in the wind last night. I could just picture great big gust hitting the back of this thing and us rolling right into the lake just outside our door! I kept thinking this stupid thing won't float...

We have had some interesting things happen this week. One evening, Kim and I were out walking and taking pictures when it started to rain a bit, and pretty soon, Dennis came looking for us in the truck. When he found us he said "you need to come home and see the cows." Now, if you knew Dennis, you just knew he was joking with us trying to get us out of the rain. So we laughed, got in the truck and headed back to our little home. When we got close to the RV, lo and behold! There were four cows, real, honest to goodness COWS, standing in the empty lot just across the road from our lot! We couldn't believe our eyes! We jumped out of the truck and I managed to get a couple pictures before they got spooked and ran away, but I have proof that there really were cows in this Resort Park. The funniest thing I never imagined I would see here. Tropical birds, lizard, yes. But cows??? Come to find out, the man that owns the park here, also owns the property just behind the park, and he keeps "free range" cows there. Turns out that in Florida, if you have property with "free range" cows on it, you get a tax break. Who knew???

So, this evening, I'm going to highlight Kim's hair for her, then we're going to have a pedicure party. Girly stuff is just so much fun! I couldn't do this with Dennis alone! Not if he were awake, any how. Hmmm, next week I just might have to try that when he naps on the couch!

I'll let you know how that goes!

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